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NEOSTELLA CAPITAL CO., LTD. is a venture capital company sponsored by two major Japanese financial institutions, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. and Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd., as well as the asset management company DIAM Co., Ltd. In February 2008, Mizuho Securities and Dai-ichi Life Insurance established NEOSTELLA by uniting the venture capital businesses they had been conducting since the 1980’s.

We at NEOSTELLA search for growing companies who will lead the 21st century and support them with our funds and business management skills necessary for further growth and expansion. We work with entrepreneurs daily to help realize growth and innovation. Our mission is to nurture venture companies in Japan and Asia into businesses who make an impact on the world.

Through the upbringing of new businesses and industries, NEOSTELLA’s goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of Japanese economy, and in doing so, we hope to make a contribution to the growth of world economy. We believe stable social development will lead to profits of not only investee companies but also NEOSTELLA’s contributors and investors.

Along with our years of venture capital experience and know-how, we boast the unique advantage of having access to the international networks and wide customer bases of our stockholders. As a result, NEOSTELLA can support investee companies with a multi-faceted and global approach. Using our unique advantages, NEOSTELLA can propose diverse alternatives for increasing the value of the investee companies — furthermore, give investors a fruitful investment opportunity. This is what we offer at NEOSTELLA.

Investment Focus

Target Businesses
At NEOSTELLA, we place importance on a particular company’s growth, advancement, and the uniqueness of its technology and services. As such, we do not restrict the kind of businesses we target, but in particular we keep an eye on the fields of information communication technologies (ICT), networking, clean technology, biotechnology, and semiconductor related businesses.

Geographic Concern
NEOSTELLA mainly invests in Japanese venture companies to support their overseas expansion, especially their expansion in Asia. We are also open to investing in venture companies overseas expected to grow in China and Southeast Asia. We also target venture companies in North America who provide cutting edge business and services.

Company’s Stage of Growth
As long as there is the possibility that our investment will help to raise the value of an investee company, NEOSTELLA invests regardless of whether that company is in its early, middle, or late stages of development.

Our Investment Funds

As of the end of March 2013, NEOSTELLA is operating and managing four funds, has invested in 622 companies in total, and has achieved IPO’s in 148 companies.